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Finally - Louisa & Sean's wonderful Hampton Court Palace Golf Club Wedding

Finally, after 3 date changes , Louisa and Sean were able to have their Wedding Ceremony at the very friendly St Mary’s in Ewell followed by the Reception at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club in Surrey. It was a gorgeous day and definitely worth the wait.

Hampton Court Palace golden hour bride and groom

Louisa and Sean met at school when they were just 18 years old. Following a 7 year long distance relationship whilst at different universities, including an additional period whilst Sean studied for his Doctorate, they finally married on their 10th anniversary of being together.

I arrived at the Mother of the Bride’s house on the morning of the wedding. I have said previously, Bridal preparations are one of my favourite parts of the day - well apart from all my other favourite bits of the day... The Bridesmaids were laughing and chatting.

The Wedding dress had been designed by the Bride herself with her Mum adding the lace. It was then made up for her. The Bride’s Mum, designed and made the Bridesmaids’ dresses. Clever very lovely lady! The Bride’s flowers were made up of a palette of whites, creams and light peach with green stems of eucalyptus.

Linda from Conran Bridal Hair and Make Up was working her magic with Louisa when I arrived. Never skimp on a skilled hair and make up artist - they are golden! Linda made it all look so effortless.

The girls helped Louisa into her dress - and the shoes, with the Bride’s love of Disney embossed on the soles of the shoes. The Maid of Honour- Louisa’s sister, tucked a handkerchief into the pocket of the wedding dress for the tears that might flow later. Wedding dresses with pockets are just so cool! Tears of pure joy had started.

It had been drizzling outside but as the 1950s Rolls Royce pulled up outside, the sun came out.

Arriving at the church, I met the couple’s lovely female Vicar resplendent in light peach robes - I have never met a more stylish Vicar. With the Bridesmaids already there, we awaited the arrival of the Bridal car. Huge smiles greeted us as they pulled up - and after a very quick make up and dress check -

Louisa joined her Brother, in his Dress Fireman’s Uniform, to walk down the aisle to her lovely Groom, Sean.

The service was gorgeous, the Vicar, in acknowledging the date changes and delays, put such a positive spin on it all.

As she had only been in post for a short time, indeed, this was to be her first wedding at this church - was happy that all these changes had led to this moment - that she was the one to marry this couple - I did say that she was lovely.

Outside, after many hugs and kisses - the guests organised themselves for the confetti throw. These guys were organised!

On the way to Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, my couple also learned that the 1950s Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, that they were being driven in, had also been driven in Downton Abbey - and had been driven by the same driver. He was effortlessly cool.

In slight contrast, we transferred to Golf Buggies to nip around Home Park, in Surrey where the venue is located. They are so much fun! Indeed, Louisa and Sean took turns at driving theirs! We drove to the Long Water in front of Hampton Court Palace, avoiding the Swans and took a few photographs of the rather beautiful Bride and Groom,and a rather magnificent Heron that seemed to follow us - then back to the party!

Guests were sitting outside enjoying the company and the sun when we arrived back.

Upstairs, the room was perfect. Light Jade organza sashes to match the bridesmaids’ dresses were tied to the backs of the chairs. Table floral centerpieces continued the floral motif of white, light peach and green leaves on Oak slices, decorated with fairy lights. Each was named after places that the Bride and Groom had visited over the years. The cake was placed perfectly by a mirror which reflected the room. The table plan had been made by the Groom and Best Man incredibly from palettes, paint and printed place cards, with the floral theme continuing. Each guest was also given a pot of homemade hot sauce or apple sauce - with a little set of Polo Mints - entitled “Mint to Be!” So much effort had been made to make the guest welcome.

hampton court palace golf club bride and groom arriving into their wedding breakfast

The Bride and Groom entered the room to loud cheering and huge smiles.

After a wonderful meal (I was fed too!) It was time for the speeches. First up on her feet was Louisa’s sister and Maid of Honour. Her speech was so touching and full of love - both the girls shed tears - the handkerchief placed in the Bride’s pocket would come to be useful.

Then the Groom began his speech. He listed the ways in which his new wife was amazing - most especially, the fact that she had been wonderful during their long distance relationship whilst at University which he had added to by doing a Doctorate after graduation - a truly strong bond! All this to be married on their 10th anniversary of meeting.

The Best Man was completely brilliant! He had made a film about the need to write his Best Man’s speech in the Pandemic. Everyone was in absolute stitches! He then entered the room in full yellow Hazmat suit! He did however, deliver a speech of pure love for his brother - they both had tears.

As it was high summer and the evening light was completely gorgeous, we popped out into the long grasses of Home Park, in which Hampton Court Palace Golf Club is located. Louisa had brought a bubble machine which we just had to incorporate into the Golden Hour portraits. Slight photo spamming but it is so worth it!

After spending the day with Louisa and Sean it was easy to see the love between them. The portrait we took were of a couple very much in love - and with bubbles, oh and a Wedding dress with pockets!

It was time for the first dance as Husband and Wife. With a LOVE sign lit up behind them it was a perfect moment.

Thank you for having me at your wedding Louisa and Sean - I had a blast!

The Bride and Groom said of me in their 5 star review:

“We hired Gill as our wedding photographer and were so pleased that we did. Gill did a fantastic job of taking some amazing natural shots during the wedding formalities whilst remaining inconspicuous. For the group and couples photos Gill was very efficient and kept the process fun and enjoyable. Gill was incredibly easy to get along with and was so helpful throughout the entire process, from first consultation to transfer of final photos. The final photographs were absolutely stunning and exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend Gill's services!”

Louisa Bespoke Wedding Dress made by Desi Wondi

The Bride Mother mum designed and made the bridesmaid dresses

flowers were from BBL design in Ewell village.

Entertainment and flower wall LR Disco (Lee Russell)


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