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The Connaught, Mayfair wedding for Emma & Brad

When Brad and Emma got married at the luxuriously chic Connaught Hotel in the heart of London's Mayfair, I was so thrilled to be asked to be their wedding photographer. Emma's sister Charlotte, had recommended me after I had photographed her wedding at Highclere Castle a few years previously so it was really lovely to see her and Richard again.

Details of a wedding at The Connaught Hotel, Mayfair.

The expectation of the day lies ahead, but first, everything must be perfect. Emma told me how cross she had been to have found her jaw dropping wedding dress so easily. She had thought that it would be a great hunt but the dress had, for all intensive purposes, found her. It was amazing.

Bridal details in the Bridal Suite of The Connaught

Emma with her Mum and sister relaxed in their suite and had their hair and makeup perfected by It's all about you.

Stunningly beautiful bride in her wedding dress at the Connaught, london

She had told me that they have both been living very healthily and going to the gym more than was humanly possible to look good for their wedding. It worked! Emma looked absolutely stunning. The bridesmaids wore elegant black evening dresses.

The ceremony details were in classic and crisp tones of white roses and white hydrangeas. There were few dry eyes as Emma walked into the ceremony to marry her Brad.

After the beautiful ceremony we left the guests briefly to take some portraits of Emma and Brad.

Photographs taken in Central London of the Bride and Groom

I love being told that couples don't photograph well or don’t feel confident being photographed. I love these comments because I’ve seen couples transform. Looking great in your wedding photographs is all about confidence. You look amazing, you’ve been styled and you’re with the one you love. I’m also a small Scottish woman who loves her job - not in the slightest bit intimidating but quite good at taking photographs - a perfect combination! Emma and Brad looked completely hot - they were a dream to photograph.

Back to the Connaught Hotel and back into the background for me. The long dining table was adorned with flowers and candles by Mary Jane Vaugh - a master of her trade.

Emma and Brad made their entrance.

Tear filled addresses from the Groom to his Bride and loving words from the Bride and her mother.

Then the wonderful wedding cake carrot cake. Some dry ice cocktails and dancing. I love that this is my job!

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