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Queen's College & King's College, Cambridge wedding

Harriet and Oli were married at Queen’s College and their Reception, at King’s College Cambridge. I travelled up to Cambridge through the most amazing storm the night before Harriet and Oli's wedding. Thankfully, in the morning all was calm. The only sign of any bad weather were the punt operators bailing out the boats, ready for a busy day.

Punts on River Cam

I arrived early to recce Queen’s College. The vicar in residence was enjoying his relatively new church. He told me that his previous ward had been as a prison chaplain, a far cry from the Cambridge University students and tourists who now frequented his church. He brought humility to the setting however, the same gentle touch I could imagine him giving in his previous position.

Queens College, Oxford

Harriet got ready at the couples home on the outskirts of Cambridge near her wonderful horse’s stables surrounded by her warm and friendly family. After capturing the Bride in her wedding dress and all the details that go into that, I drove to the cathedral

Harriet’s father walked the smiling Bride down the aisle. The Vicar spoke about how much the couple's friends truly loved and meant to Harriet and Oli. Oli, who had been nervous

Harriet’s arrival, smiled and smiled. The wedding service was warm and personal.

One of those moments when the wonderfully helpful Best Man is totally obliterated by an oversized floral pedestal.

Afterwards, the newly married couple walked across the famous Mathematical Bridge to their Punt. This is not as easy as it sounds - especially in a full length wedding dress! Of course, it went off without a hitch and the other punters on the Cam loved it!

Couple kissing on The Mathamatic Bridge at Oxford
 The Mathamatic Bridge at Oxford

Then onto the wonderful King’s College! The Reception was held at equally stunning, King's College Cambridge - just next door. The sun shone strongly and the guests drank champagne and mingled.

Bride and Groom travelled down the River Cam on a Punt to Kings College Oxford.
Exterior of Kings College

The Wedding Breakfast was set. The Great Hall of King College makes for the most imposing backdrop. The tall ceilings and ornate details are stunning. However, the wedding guests contained within were so warm towards each other. The speeches made note of the abilities and achievements of both Harriet and Oli as well as the obvious love they held for one another.

Great Hall at Kings College for the Wedding Breakfast

Then onto the dancing and the party! What a perfect day.

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